Buy the stock while it’s in Red

If there is scarcity, there is opportunites too. Most people afraid when the stock price goes down and they do the big mistake selling in loss and a few days later the stocks comes back in same level or it goes up then they will regret.

I would rather buy more shares while it goes down, thats the time I was looking for, waiting to go that level so I could buy more. Buying is red has more chances to see green but you have to find the reason why its going dow? I would do more research or due deligence about the particular stocks company and motive, balance sheet and so on and more. Don’t just jump in any stock either green or red.

So my suggestion is first do the best research and ask to the people who already have knowledge on that particular company then decide to buy it. It the company is doing great then I would buy while it’s in red.

Always be prepare it can go down or you can loose money so don’t invest all.

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